Streamer Tail End Solutions

Operational trends in Seismic Operations are tending towards deeper and faster tows and this has generated significantly more demanding loading and noise conditions throughout the streamer.  One area that is a particular frustration is the tail end arrangement as the new operating conditions are leading to high noise levels and premature failures of STIC cables, tail VIMs and tail end swivel joints.  Several of our customers have shown an interest in having a set of components at the tail end that can be reconfigured easily without modfification and the associated lead-times.  Phoenix has developed a suit of products that have been designed to survive in this more agressive environment and offer the customer more flexibility in rigging the tail end.  The suite consists of a tail end swivel, STIC cable, tail buoy clamp, tail end adaptor and tail end VIM (PRVIM).

Tail end solution

STIC Cable

Tail Stretch

Tail Swivel

Tail Buoy Clamp

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