PVIM Head Stretch

Phoenix Vibration Isolation Module



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Download PVIM Spec Sheet High Load – 3.32m

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Download PVIM Spec Sheet STD Load – 6m

Download PVIM Spec Sheet STD Load – 9m

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Download PVIM Spec Sheet Low Load – 6m

Download PVIM Spec Sheet Low Load – 9m

Product Overview

PVIM is a novel, patented, vibration isolation section (also commonly known as a head elastic section, or head stretch section) for use at the head of marine streamers and is particularly suited to multi-streamer operation.  Compared to other vibration isolation products PVIM offers very short lengths and outstanding durability and reliability.

PVIM was designed and developed by Phoenix in 2008 and was introduced into the market in 2009.  Since that time over 300 units have gone into service with 7 different customers.

PVIM is currently available to suit any telemetry system including those with electrical or optical telemetry back bones and is currently available to suit 7 different interface designs.  If a system is not covered by existing interface designs, the Phoenix team can design the interface to suit and subject it to comprehensive load and durability testing to ensure that customers are not exposed to undue risk in adopting PVIM.

Different operators have different operating conditions and noise profiles.  For this reason PVIM can be specified with three different load ratings and variety of different lengths enabling customers to match the PVIM isolation characteristic to their particular requirements.

Operational Efficiency

PVIM offers customers improved levels of operational efficiency for two key reasons; it is designed to be recovered directly onto the drum so there is no need to remove it from the spread, and it’s reliability and durability is such that it very rarely needs to be removed for repair or replacement.  The need to repair PVIM is rare but, should it be necessary, it is possible in current designs to remove and replace every part in the field without the need for special tools or training.

Reliability and Durability

PVIM is manufactured using a fibre and rubber composite.  The fibre layers carry the load and they are designed such that stress levels are very low, this guards against creep and fatigue failure in the fibre layers and provides for redundancy and damage tolerance.  The rubber matrix provides excellent abrasion resistance on the surface and resistance to attack from any fluid such as sea water isopar and other fluids and materials commonly found in seismic operations.  The structure is extremely tough and will resist damage under normal operations.  In the field PVIMs have been reported to have sustained extensive surface damage and minor full penetration punctures from fishing gear without any reduction in performance.

In the 6 years that PVIM has been in the market no user has ever reported failure of the the jacket, the snubber or any mechanical component in the main tension path.


Because PVIM is designed to be reeled directly onto the drum and is extremely reliable there is little need to handle  the PVIM compared to other products.  This, in addition to the fact that PVIM is comparatively small and light in air, means that manual handling risks on the back deck are reduced.

Unlike other products on the market, PVIM is free flooding and has no high pressure fluid or gas trapped in the jacket.  This avoids the risk of leakage of potentially noxious or flammable fluids or gels onto the deck and removes any risk that may be associated with high pressure leakage.

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