Materials Testing

Phoenix has installed an Instron 5500 Series material testing system.

The 5500 Series system had been upgraded to a fully computer controlled capability and is operated using the Merlin software package. The Merlin software handles all the test setup controls and data capture.

The Instron now allows Phoenix to conduct a wide range of materials testing activities and enables Phoenix to provide customers with the capability of complete design and qualification testing.


Max Load Range (Tension and Compression) 100kN ( 10,000 kg, 22,000lbs)
Rated Load/Speed Capability 100kN up to 250 mm/min ( 10 inches/min) in low clutch.
30kN at speeds between 250 and 1000 mm/min ( 10 to 40 inches/min ) in high clutch
Testing Speed Range 0.001 to 1000 mm/min
Crosshead Return and Jog speeds 250 mm/min in low clutch
1000mm/min in high clutch
Steady State Crosshead Speed Accuracy 0.1% (average over 100 mm or 30 seconds, whichever is the greater)
Drive Resolution 0.04 μm
Max specimen Length ~1300 mm
Max specimen Width ~550 mm
Max specimen Depth ~300 mm

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