Winch Testing

Phoenix has installed a purpose built cable extension and winch-testing rig. The rig has been designed specifically with the special needs for the design and testing of towed array equipment as its prime consideration, but can also be used for cycle and load testing on all cable based products.

The rig can be configured to test equipment in a wide range of bend radius, storage radius under load, and load extension test configurations. This configuration flexibility allows for the rig to be quickly reconfigured to allow for testing recovery straight onto storage drum or through fairlead or sheave arrangements under load.


Max Load Range 100kN ( 10,000 kg, 22,000lbs) load extension
22kN ( 2,200 kg, 4,800lbs) cycle winch
Sample Sizes 9 m (30ft) load extension
15 m (49 ft) cycle winching
5 m (16ft )cycle bending
185mm (7.2”) Cable OD
Cycle Speed 2 cycles per min. Winching
4 cycles per min Bending
Roller Diameters 1400mm, 500mm 250mm
Angle of Incident 0 to 30 degrees

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