Product and Material Testing

Testing is a vital part of product development and improvement and Phoenix have developed an extensive range of test capabilities which are well suited to testing cable based materials, components and products such as are common in marine sonar systems.  Key capabilities include;-

  • C-Boss winch testing.
  • De-gloving test rig.
  • Vibration isolation testing.
  • Materials tensile and compression testing 100kN.
  • Proof testing
    • 40kN, 20m sample, high speed, high strain.
    • 100kN, 6m sample.
    • 60kN, 250m sample high strain.
  • Bend testing.

Vibration isolation test rig

Vibration isolation test rig

C-Boss winch rig with de-gloving capability


Winch testing a cable termination.


Instron 5500R Universal Testing Machine


Telemetry Can Bend Test

Bend Test

Cable jacket adhesive bond testing


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