Manufacturing Systems Design and Development

The Phoenix team have developed manufacturing systems for in-house production and also provided consulting services to customers aimed at helping them improve their manufacturing systems .  The Phoenix team use a systematic approach and strive to establish efficient, lean production systems with low defect and inventory levels.  Where possible, pull systems with small batch sizes are established.  Typical outputs from the process include process flow diagrams, value stream maps and factory layouts.  The process generally interacts,and runs in parallel, with the manufacturing process and tooling development process.  An important phase in the successful implementation of such a system is the implementation phase where Phoenix engineers  commission and test and debug production tooling, manufacturing processes and train production operators.

This is an example of a value stream map.  From this engineers are able to establish a very large amount of production data such as work station capacity and space requirements, inventory levels, inventory movement requirements, production cycle times, batch sizes, value adding, standing and transporting time.

This is a sample page from a manufacturing facility layout plan.  The plan defines positioning of equipment, stores, material movements, lighting requirements, extraction, power distribution and various other important features.

Value Stream Map

Forge St Factory Layout

The photos below are of teh actual plant that the value stream map and the factory layout diagrams above were used for.



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